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The Office

The office of Paint Creek Chiropractic in Rochester Michigan a 48307 chiropractor

Dr. Eric DeRusha, D.C. and Paint Creek Chiropractic have been serving Rochester Michigan and the surrounding communities since 2001. Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, auto accident injuries, chronic joint pain or other health issues like digestive problems, fatigue or lowered immunity our friendly team at Paint Creek Chiropractic are dedicated to finding natural solutions to your unique health care needs.

Often, we find that a whole body approach of combining chiropractic with specific nutritional supplementation and/or MLS Cold Laser Therapy can help to reduce inflammation and pain while nourishing the internal organs and joints which promotes whole body healing and recovery.

The office of Paint Creek Chiropractic clinic in Rochester Michigan 48307

Your initial evaluation will help determine which method or combination of methods would be best suited for your particular health issues and help facilitate the healing process to achieve better results. In many cases dietary/lifestyle changes along with a recommended treatment plan can make you feel like a new person. Together we'll choose the best therapy for your situation.

Yours in health,
Dr. Eric DeRusha, D.C.

Our mission at Paint Creek Chiropractic is for all our patients to "Have No More Pain".