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Patient of the Month

March - Jennifer R.

Dr. Eric has done a tremendous job of helping me over the last several years. He adjusted me

throughout my entire pregnancy and helped with a bad SI joint pain that hit during my third trimester. He was cognizant of the changes my body was going through, and I always felt safe and confident with his care. Now past the pregnancy, I am very active and fit and his adjustments keep me flexible and in aliment, he has helped me through it. I highly recommend him for your chiropractic care.

February - Albert A.

I had constant pain from an injury which required surgery. After the surgery I still had this intense pain. The damage to my neck also caused sharp pains going down my right arm. I was taking 7-8 prescriptions pain pills each day.

After starting Dr. Eric’s program, I am more alert not depending on all the pills. I stand straighter, can walk and exercise without any increase in pain.

I have my life back!

January - Sherrie B.

When the brain MRI came back clean, I could breathe a sigh of relief – at least the pain on the right side of my head wasn’t due to something like a tumor. But it still didn’t answer why I had such pain in the first place, nor did the doctor have any solutions. I live in CA and had a trip planned to visit my sister in MI. Arriving in a great deal of pain my sister suggested I see Dr. Eric. “It couldn’t hurt,” I thought. After taking X-rays and he explaining my condition a way that I completely understood, I agreed to a comprehensive treatment plan that included regular adjustments and traction. Dr. Eric also strongly recommend an immediate change to an aerodynamic-correct position while working at my desk. By the time I left Mi after just 2 weeks, I was already experiencing relief. Dr. Eric referred me to a chiropractor in CA who applied the same method and I kept the treatment plan up. It’s been one year and I am completely pain-free. I’ll always be grateful for Dr. Eric and see him every time I come to MI.