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MLS Cold Laser Testimonials

Laser Patient Testimonials

I came in for a problem with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendon pain that I had had for about 2 years. During those 2 years I had visited orthopedic surgeons who wanted to perform surgery and prescribe drugs. I was in an extreme amount of pain and the problem was hindering me from participating in my daily activities.

Since beginning laser therapy, my improvements have been dramatic! I feel so much better. After the 1st laser treatment I had a great day and could not believe how much less pain I felt. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but I trusted Dr. Eric and knew he would be able to help me. I went home that evening and didn’t have to sit down from the pain. Each and every treatment helped even more and has made me a believer in laser therapy. It is completely painless and brings a tremendous amount of relief! I feel like telling everyone I know who has chronic pain to try the laser therapy!

-Deborah P.

I came in because of pain in my upper neck and one of my fingers was going numb.

Since beginning laser therapy, the pain in my upper neck is going away and my finger is not as numb. I also had a fall and hurt my back. Laser therapy helped it heal much faster. I feel much better!

Laser therapy has helped me so much I would, and do, recommend it to others.

-Judy S.

I first came in because of pain in both my knees and right hip.

Since beginning laser therapy, my improvements have been less pain and greater mobility. A great improvement was felt in both knees with the first laser treatment. I feel more apt to join in everyday activities.

Laser therapy and chiropractic adjustments have improved my well-being.

-Norman M.

I was suffering with long-term carpal tunnel in both hands and rotator cuff pain in both shoulders from years of being a mechanic. I couldn’t lift either arm above shoulder level without pain. After 1 laser treatment for carpal tunnel, I had immediate relief from numbness in my hands. After 6 treatments on my shoulders, I have full range of motion and the pain and weakness are gone. The planned surgery for my carpal tunnel has been cancelled.

-Jack K.

I came in because of a torn meniscus in my left knee and degenerative arthritis in both knees from years of running.

After the 1st treatment I had immediate relief in my left knee. My right knee felt some improvement. After 6 treatments, I was able to do a 20 hour road trip and hike for 10 days. After the trip I came in for maintenance care to manage my arthritic pain. With monthly maintenance treatments, I can remain extremely active. Laser therapy works!

-Jody D.

I first came in with low back and leg pain with spasms in my calves and extreme numbness in my feet. I was diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet and legs. None of the doctors I had seen, including a neurologist, an orthopedic surgeon and medical doctor, could figure out why I was having these problems or how to improve my condition.

Since beginning laser therapy, my improvements have been wonderful! I no longer have spasms in my calves, my legs and feet have more feeling in them and my low back pain has lessened.

I feel very thankful to have found relief! I would recommend laser therapy to everyone. Special thanks to Dr. Eric for treating me and helping me get my life back!

-Virginia M.

I first came in because I had incredible pain in my back and ribcage from a tennis injury.

Since beginning laser treatment my improvements have been extraordinary! I did not feel the laser treatment while it was performed and by the fourth treatment I felt much relief and healing.

Laser treatment, for me, was a miracle. Together with regular adjustments I am playing tennis and living an active life again! I was very skeptical about chiropractic but would recommend (and have) Dr. DeRusha to anyone! And I feel amazing! I have completely forgotten about my back in my daily routine!!

-Margaret S

I came for laser therapy because of burning and tingling in both of my feet due to neuropathy.

Since beginning laser therapy the burning and tingling is considerably reduced. I can walk better and have much more control over my feet. I had also been diagnosed with venous insufficiency which caused ulcers to break out on both of my calves. An added benefit of the laser therapy is that I haven’t had an ulcer breakout in the last 6 months! I feel younger and I’m much more active!

I really appreciate what Dr. DeRusha, laser therapy and chiropractic have done for me. I haven’t felt this good for years!

-Maynard M.

I have had pain and tendonitis in both of my ankles for a few years. Since beginning laser therapy, I have noticed the swelling and the pain have decreased dramatically starting just after a couple of treatments.

I feel so much better, I am gaining the range of motion back and I am able to walk normally again.

-Timothy M.

I came in for laser therapy because I had pulled my hamstring and I heard that the laser would help speed the healing process. Since beginning laser care, my improvements have been noticeable. At first I wasn’t sure the laser was working. It wasn’t helping my range of motion, but then after a couple times I was able to stretch my leg farther! It really did work!!

I feel better; less pain, the achiness has gone away completely.

-Alyssa S.