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Why Choose Paint Creek Chiropractic?

CBP combines the principals of mathematics, physics, biomechanics and
chiropractic by focusing on improving the patient’s posture to provide long standing relief from neck and back pain, headaches, fatigue and many other acute and chronic health problems.

CBP works on the fact that any deviations in a person’s posture causes deviations in the alignment of the spine: termed subluxation. This causes tension upon the spinal cord, brain and brain stem and over time will start to interfere with the normal functions of the central nervous system. This interference will have a detrimental effect on an individual’s quality of life.

CBP includes traditional chiropractic adjustments in combination with very specific posture rehabilitation exercises, mirror image posture corrections and traction. This method will correct the posture and spinal position to promote a healthier nervous system function and restore optimal balance to the spine and posture to achieve long-lasting relief.

Call 248-601-4540 to learn if you may be a candidate for this technique that has successfully treated complicated cases like low back pain with radiculopathy, and neck pain with migraine headaches.